Legal Information

Our pledge to the roommate community

Truthfulness of the ads

Easyroommate will not keep outdated ads to artificially increase its database or misrepresent its content. We ask our members to tell us if they encounter an ad that is not current. 

Flagging of the ads

Easyroommate will remove ads that are prohibited, vulgar or contrary to the spirit of sharing an apartment. Ads with wrong contact information will be removed as well. Members help will be greatly appreciated. 

Service loyalty

Unlike most roommate services, every Easyroommate member will be able to access the messages sent by Premium Members without having to be a Premium Member. You do not have to pay to use the site. 

Respect of your Privacy (Spam)

Easyroommate will not sell or divulge your personal information without your prior consent. Easyroommate will always give you an opt out option to stop receiving Easyroommate emails.

Data protection

Easyroommate will allow you to change your data at any time.

You can find our full terms and conditions here. Please note that these terms are subject to change without notice.

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